Corporate History

Founded in 1997, Solutions Development Corporation is an SBA certified small business concern. SDC is committed to providing resources, personnel, and support capabilities to meet objectives of our customers.

Business Approach

Solutions Development Corporation employs a highly synergistic approach to supporting clients in a seamless manner that promotes integrity and results. SDC serves as a value-added business unit that can complement existing in-house resources or provide a total integrated solution to customer requirements. SDC also realizes that there is a need to provide specific and critical expertise at a reasonable cost in order to support our customer within a shrinking budget environment.

Mission Statement

SDC’s mission is simple: To provide the best engineering and technical solutions to our government customers and industry partners with the greatest service possible at a reasonable cost.


To be the desired company for providing great engineering and technical solutions to government customers and industry partners.

CORE Values

  • Demonstrate dedication to our mission and security
  • Provide Exceptional value for our customers
  • Foster Loyal and trusted customer and business relationships
  • Deliver on time, cost effective, ethical, reliable and high quality solutions
  • Sustain a challenging and rewarding work environment for our greatest asset, our SDC Team Members

Business Approach

SDC is committed to maintaining customer satisfaction, trust, and integrity by providing a highly qualified, professional, and diverse work force that delivers security minded quality products and services while adhering to industry best practices.

SDC seeks customer feedback on a regular basis to conduct continuous process improvements as customer requirements may expand and become more complex.

We also realize that there is a need to provide specific and critical expertise at reasonable costs in order to support our customers and industry partners in maintaining or growing market share within a shrinking budget environment.

System Engineering

Our experts ensure that computer systems function efficiently and securely to support your organization’s information technology needs!

Software Engineering

Our experts involve the application of computer science and mathematics in an environment which is constantly evolving as a result of technological advances! Our experts also use their troubleshooting abilities to fulfill concept design and functionality requirements; technical skills to program software; and management skills to complete your specific software design needs!

Program Management

Our experts coordinate projects and make sure that the plans for achieving these goals run smoothly and efficiently!

Systems Administration

Our experts understand how to maintain your computer system, perform preventive maintenance, install software, catalog computer files, resolve database problems and perform backup and recovery functions to keep you up and running!

Database Development

Our experts design and modify one or several databases to customize your user and organizational needs!

Database Administration

Our experts work to assure that your data is secure and easily accessible!

Multimedia Services

SDC continues to adopt new technologies, embrace Internet standards and create new services to facilitate the user demand. Multimedia projects can include creating anything from high quality graphics and motion graphics, implementing text and video, creating visual effects and incorporating sound, live event, digital media production and e-Learning packages.

Information Assurance and Security

Our experts provide hands-on, real-time support for the development of secure systems and communications infrastructures and expertise in both building and maintaining secure systems and communications infrastructures. We are experienced at providing tailored security solutions that work for you, not against you.

Facilities Support

Our experts work for your organization and maintain one or several facilities to ensure successful operation on a daily basis!

Quality Assurance

Our experts audit and provide independent reviews and appraisals of your company’s quality system!

Test & Evaluation

Our experts ensure the quality and content of technical products, and provide expert decision support!

Solutions Development Corporation

“Answering tomorrow’s questions today”